Homework-Week 9

Hey Guys,

This is our last homework for the year, so try your best and have fun!

Homework Week 9, Term 4 Due Date: Thursday 10th December 2015


1.Shayla, Rohith, April, Andrew & Rebecca 2.Sasa, Fasita, Sally, Jaxon & Doan 3.Sengi, Adrian, Alfonso, Huy, Tracy & Kaylaa 4. Duy, Joshua, Darrell, Adam & Ezdihar
amazing dialogue setting Saturday
extraordinary setting said Sunday
Christmas scenes saw Monday
festivities Christmas pack before
respectable standing make getting
repetition different could stopped
circumstances themselves brain why
temperature therefore does hard
yesterday evaporate better with
curriculum minutes forty ate


MATH: Number Pattern sheet. Learn all your times tables.

CLASSROOM BLOG: missstefanidis.global2.vic.edu.au

Please write a sentence under the post…What was the biggest highlight of 2015!

3 thoughts on “Homework-Week 9

  1. My Highlight of the year was science works because I got to play on the devices they had there and I really liked all the stuff they had there it was amazing they showed us stuff from the future and I got to invent my own car in the device that was there

  2. My biggest highlight of the year would be camp because I never went camping at school or doing activities at camp.The activities were really fun and new too.I loved the food there and I was with my friends that’s why I chose this as my biggest highlight.My favourite activity there was the Giant Swing
    I was really scared but after I wanted to go again!

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