6 thoughts on “What was the biggest highlight of 2015!

  1. My biggest highlight of the year was camp because I got to experience
    how it feels,I got to work in a group and we got to do fun activities.
    My favorite activities were the flying fox and the giant swing.

  2. My biggest highlight of 2015 is camp because I had lots of experiences there without my parents.
    We had to work in groups and have fun with different activities like canoeing,bush cooking,orientering,fly fox and the giant swing.
    I enjoy every activity we had.

  3. My biggest highlight was camp because it was my first time going away from home and with other people I don’t know and also I liked the activities like the giant swing,the flying fox,bush cooking,orienteering and also canoeing!

  4. My biggest highlight is camp because we all did fun activities and they are giant swing flying fox canoing and had a camp fire with marshmallows it was really nice.

  5. My biggest highlight of the year was the Ladynorthcote camp.We had a lot of fun while keeping ourselves safe. We did activities like the giant swing, flying fox and much more.This was my highlight of the year!

  6. My biggest highlight of the year is swimming because you can take swimming lessons. Its important to learn how to swim if a problem or emergency happens and you might go to the deep pool to swim much further

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