END OF YEAR CONCERT-Wednesday 16th December

St. Albans East Primary School

End of Year Concert 2015

When: Wednesday 16th December

Time: 9:15am-11:00am (approx. finish)

Where: St. Albans East P.S. School Hall


Once again we are holding an End of Year Concert. Grades or groups of children will be performing an item. The Concert will begin at 9:15am, however parents are asked to come earlier to secure a seat. A concert program will be handed out at the door- this will show when your child is performing.

At the Concert we will be making a presentation to St. Vincent De Pauls of non-perishable and bathroom items. We ask that all families send a grocery item along to school preferably a bathroom product. i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste.

The school captains will go around each grade and keep a tally of the donations. The grade with the most donations will win a super dooper!!. So keep those donations coming into school and win yourselves a prize.
Here are some non-perishable foods you can donate:

Non perishable foods such as canned foods, noodles, tuna fish or canned fish, canned soups, spaghetti or pasta, beans, rice, pancake mix, cereal boxes, peanut butter, jelly packets, canned meats, instant coffee and tea bags, candy bars, cookies, vegemite, canned juices, canned soups etc.

Here are some of the bathroom items you can donate:

Shampoo, conditioner, hand wash, soaps, toothpaste and brushes in packages, etc.

Thank you again, and see you at our concert,

Mrs. Stella Pisera & Ms. Sophie Stefanidis

Silentó – Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) (Official)

At the end of this year, the school is holding an “End of Year Concert” on Wednesday 16th December between 9:15am-11:00am. Room’s 18 & 19 will be performing a song and dance titled, Silentó – Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

The students are asked to wear party clothes, a cap and sunglasses as part of their performance.

If you have any questions or unable to provide a costume for your child, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Term 4 Newsletter

Grade34Term4Newsletter (1) (1)

Grade 3/4 Term 4 Newsletter


The grade 3/4 teachers would like to say a happy welcome back to the grade 3/4 students and families. We are looking forward to a productive and exciting term. To help support your child/children at home, it is important to have open communication, so here is a snapshot into what we will be learning this term.



As mentioned in last term’s newsletter, Literacy lessons are taught daily for at least two hours, this is divided into one hour of reading, and one hour of writing. During our reading hour we cover topics such as developing language used to describe a setting, recognising descriptive word choices and details that contribute to the effect of a story. We will focus on building up language used to describe the character traits in texts, and explore how the settings shape the events and influence the mood of a narrative.

Students will also participate in reading conferences with their classroom teacher to help set and work on reading goals.

During the one hour writing session, children develop spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. This term we are looking into the genre of Narrative. Students will learn about the purpose, structure and language features of a text, including suspense and figurative language. Students are also developing their speaking and listening skills. They will have many opportunities to participate in reading groups, discussions and to present their learning to the class.


This term in mathematics we will be looking into the following topics:

– Problem Solving

– Time

– 3D Objects

– Location and Transformations



Our inquiry topic for this term is titled The heat is on. Throughout this topic students will understand that heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another including…

  1. Describing how heat can be produced such as through friction or motion, electricity or chemically (burning)
  2. Identifying changes that occur in everyday situations due to heating and cooling
  3. Exploring how heat can be transferred through conduction
  4. Recognising that we can feel heat and measure its effects using a thermometer



Students will continue to participate in Performing Arts, Multimedia, Physical Education, Library and L.O.T.E.

P.E – Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately on this day with suitable foot wear, also if they could bring their water bottle to P.E that will help to prevent dehydration during exercise.



As per usual, homework is given out during the week and collected the following week. We appreciate any questions the students have about the week’s homework and ask that they please let us know about their queries before Wednesdays.

Students are also required to read for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each night. Parents are asked to initial their names each night and write in the communication section of their child’s diary.

For Numeracy we require all students to practice their times tables each week, students will be advised by their teacher which numbers to focus on. If parents have any enquiries about this please organise a time with your students teacher.



Students are encouraged to bring a bottle of water and healthy snacks such as: cut up fruit, vegetables and cheese into the classroom each day. Children can eat these during class time.


It is also important that your child has a good breakfast before coming to school. Please ensure that they come to school with lunch and snacks to see them through the day.



More information will be distributed closer to the date.



If your child is away for any reason, it is important that you send an absence notice with them when they return to school. Schools are required to keep track of absences and the principal has the authority to approve reasons for a student’s absence. If you are travelling overseas for an extended time, please notify the office of your intentions. We encourage you to travel during the school holidays where possible, so it does not impact significantly on student learning.


The School Newsletter is produced fortnightly. It is important that you read this as it contains important information that may affect your child.


Students are NOT to arrive to school earlier than 8.45am, as teachers are not on duty before this time. Students are expected to enter their classrooms between 8.50 and 9.00am. This is a time for them to get organised for the school day which begins at 9.00am.


If you have to bring your child to school earlier than 8.45am, please enquire at the office about the new before and after school care program being run at the school. The before school care does not cost anything.




MELBOURNE CUP DAY: Tuesday 3rd November

SCHOOL CURRICULUM DAY: 23rd November and 18th December



*You are welcome to discuss your child’s academic or social progress at any time by making an appointment with your child’s teacher.


Year 3/4 teachers,

Joanne Agius, Sophie Stefanidis, Kristen Williams, Antoinette Camenzuli, Daniel Condon & Drew Coleman